About me

Welcome to my little space on the internet! I’m excited to get to know each other a little better. My name is Laurie Salmeron and I’m the creative spirit & mind behind Digital Waves Designs.

I’m not just your typical scrapbooker, arts & crafts makers, and jigsaw puzzle solver. I also have a passion for technology, learning new things, and TRAVELING!

So, out of a combination of all those things I love, I decided to learn how to create beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring designs through full business branding, web, & graphic designs.

And why would I learn to do all that? 2 reasons.

Reason 1: To help you! I know not everyone has the patience, skills, or time to design a cohesive and client-attracting brand or website that will help your business look professional, make it stand out from the competition, and build trust with your clients. You are probably wearing a lot of hats right now, tackling all the different responsibilities of your business, with a to-do list that seems never-ending.

Let me take a little load off of you and help you create the perfect brand and website for that business you’re working so hard for.

Reason 2: Just like you, I have a dream. And my dream is to be totally location independent while I work on something I’m passionate about; and be able to travel the world, learn new things, try every food, and soak up as much sun as humanly (and healthily) possible! (You can take the girl out of the island, but you can’t take the island out of the girl.) I also want to be inspired by the world around me, live my best life of course, and help restore and conserve the environment.

But enough about me. Let’s get to know each other a little more, tell me all about your dream business, and let’s ride this wave together!

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